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La Russia ha intenzione di presentare reclamo presso il WTO contro i dazi dell'UE nei confronti dei prodotti chimici e metallurgici, scrive il giornale russo Kommersant in riferimento a fonti anonime.
Mosca intende ottenere l'abolizione delle correzioni secondo le quali l'UE conta il valore nominare della merce. Questa pratica permette di considerare l'importazione russa come dumping e applicare dazi elevati.
Le azioni di Mosca sono una reazione di risposta all'esame presso il WTO, avviato dall'UE l'estate 2013. Bruxelles è scontenta dei dazi d'utilizzo che sono costretti a pagare i produttori di auto in Russia.

    President al-Assad interview: there are no good terrorists and bad ones, as USA wants, but just terrorists ~ (2 Video English translation) Terrorists Detonate Car Bomb in Mleiha and IED in al-Shaghour, Mortars Fired on Harasta and Barzeh.. President al-Assad to Boroujerdi: Current Events and Plot Target Stability and Integrity of the Region. 22. Monday. Apr 2013 Posted by syrianfreepress Apr 22, 2013 -- DAMASCUS -- President Bashar al-Assad on Monday received a delegation from the Iranian Shoura Council, IL TWEET DELL'ESERCITO ELETTRONICO SIRIANO: SU AP: è COSTATO, al contribuente americano, 136$ MILIARDI DI DOLLARI. MINISTRO DELL'INFORMAZIONE, OMRAN AZ-ZOUBI: I MASS MEDIA DEI PAESI OCCIDENTALI, E DI ALCUNI PAESI ARABI, STANNO PORTANDO AVANTI UNA GUERRA INFORMATIVA bugiarda, CONTRO LA SIRIA E LO STANNO FACENDO: CON L'USO DI MEZZI MODERNI.

    01/28/2013. [[ LEBANON - SYRIA Christians in Syria, are the targeted: of extermination, Shoah, by: Islamic extremists of Arab Legue: for worldwide caliphate, of Obama IMF talmud.. ]] . Christians in Syria, targeted by Islamic extremists and bombs. by Simone Cantarini. Issam Bishara, head of the Syrian branch of the Papal agency that aids Catholic churches and the people of the Middle East (CNEWA) speaks: "The Christian way of life is at risk, and refugees in Lebanon are not entitled to help from the International community ". CNEWA and the local Church help over 4 thousand families who are victims of bombings, kidnappings and harassment by Islamic extremists. Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "Christians in Syria suffer like the rest of the population, Muslim, Alawite, Sunni. They, however, have one more problem: the spread of Islamic extremism,

    [[ LEBANON - SYRIA Christians in Syria, are the targeted: of extermination, Shoah, by: Islamic extremists of Arab Legue: for worldwide caliphate, of Obama IMF talmud.. ]] .which threatens to turn the country into a new Iraq", says Issam Bishara, regional director of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA) for Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Iraq, speaking to AsiaNews. The official cited the cases of Homs and Qusayr, where the Islamists having taken control of the city, are driving Christian families from their homes. He said that in the early months of the war, many families found refuge in the coastal cities of Syria, in what was once called the "Christian strip." However, the spread of war and the descent into the field of Islamic extremist brigades - particularly the al-Nousra militias - "these cities are now almost deserted, but there are thousands of families

    [[ LEBANON - SYRIA Christians in Syria, are the targeted: of extermination, Shoah, by: Islamic extremists of Arab Legue: for worldwide caliphate, of Obama IMF talmud.. ]] .who have chosen or been forced to stay because of risks involved travelling to Lebanon. " According to Bishara embargos means getting aid to the displaced is impossible. To face the emergency, CNEWA works in collaboration with the local Church. In addition to members of international organizations, religious orders and priests of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate are the only ones who can operate on the territory. Priests and religious people often face the drama of summary killings, abuses and kidnappings by foreign jihadists for funds, which mainly affect the Christian minority. At present, the association helps about 3 thousand families: 300 in Tartous (coastal town west of the country)

    [[ LEBANON - SYRIA Christians in Syria, are the targeted: of extermination, Shoah, by: Islamic extremists of Arab Legue: for worldwide caliphate, of Obama IMF talmud.. ]] . through the convent of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, 1000 in the valley of Wadi al Nasara, located to the west of the country and known as the Valley of Christians . They are under the protection of the greek-orthodox Patriarchate and the Catholic Church. In Homs, a stronghold of Sunni Muslims among the most ravaged by civil war, as many as 800 Orthodox and Catholic families remained in the city. To help these people, there are the Jesuits and the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. The number of Christian families still in the capital is about 600. they are felpe by the mission of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd and the Greek-Catholic Patriarchate. Finally, in Hassake (northern Syria),

    [[ LEBANON - SYRIA Christians in Syria, are the targeted: of extermination, Shoah, by: Islamic extremists of Arab Legue: for worldwide caliphate, of Obama IMF talmud.. ]] . the Society of St. Vincent de Paul takes care of about 1200 displaced Christians. To 3 thousand families in Syria are added thousands of refugees, who, since the beginning of 2012 have chosen to flee the country, trying to cross the border with Lebanon. "In the beginning - says Bishara - they found refuge among relatives and friends, hoping for a quick return home." However, in recent months the situation has worsened. The hope of seeing their villages and their loved ones in Syria is increasingly small. "They - he says - are not eligible for aid because they reside outside of the refugee camps and their hosts can not keep them. What will become of these people in the coming months?".

    [[ LEBANON - SYRIA Christians in Syria, are the targeted: of extermination, Shoah, by: Islamic extremists of Arab Legue: for worldwide caliphate, of Obama IMF talmud.. ]] . The official said that so far CNEWA supports about 1,000 Christian family, who have fled to Lebanon, distributing clothes, hot meals and basic necessities. "Unfortunately - he explains - the demands are increasing day by day and we are the only ones to provide this type of service. Our fear is not being able to help all those who request it. Which is why we need the support of Western countries and all Catholics who want to help these people, behind which is the face of the suffering Christ. "

    SYRIA. [the real goal, to be exterminated: for OBAMA, NATO, IMF, Arab League: worldwide caliphate? Christians are!] 02/12/2013. SYRIA. After Muslim rebels seize two priests in Aleppo, there are fears for their life. An Armenian Catholic priest, Fr Michael, and an Orthodox clergyman were abducted last Sunday in Aleppo's Christian neighbourhood. Sources speak to AsiaNews about barbarous murders carried out my Islamic extremists. A car bomb explodes at the Turkish-Syrian border crossing of Cilvegozu. Aleppo (AsiaNews) - A group of rebels close to Muslim extremists on Sunday abducted an Armenian Catholic priest, Fr Michael, as well as a yet unknown Orthodox clergyman. Both were working in Aleppo. Sources, anonymous for security reasons, told AsiaNews that the city's Christian community is very concerned about the attack.

    SYRIA.IMF: pharisees talmud: for destroy Israel] [the real goal, to be exterminated: for OBAMA, NATO, , Arab League: worldwide caliphate? Christians are!] "Extremist violence is getting worse day by day. Muslim militias are killing anyone suspected of ties with the regime, including women and children. People in the neighbourhoods are comparing these days to the Ottoman conquest five centuries ago." For several weeks, residents had complained about the presence of al-Nusra Front forces, Islamic extremists who want to turn Syria into an Islamic state, feared even by the rebel Free Syrian Army. On 6 February, Front troops stormed the Christian neighbourhood of Jdeideh where extremists had already destroyed the city's main Evangelical church in November. Al-Nusra forces include many foreigners, including Muslims from Indonesia and the Philippines,

    SYRIA. [the real goal, to be exterminated: for OBAMA, NATO, IMF Arab League: worldwide caliphate? Christians are!] as evinced by a statement posted online by the leader of Abu Sayyaf, an extremist Muslim group with ties to al-Qaeda operating in the Philippines. In it, Muslims are urged to go to Syria and sacrifice their lives for Islam. "These fighters live for killing and violence. They act without pity and make distinctions among people," sources said. "When they kill, they turn to God as if they were making a sacrifice." Meanwhile, clashes between the military and rebel groups continue across Syria with more than 60,000 people killed so far. Yesterday, a car bomb killed 13 people near the Turkish border, at a road block in Cilvegozu, a border crossing some 100 kilometres northwest of Aleppo, the main route of escape for Syrian refugees fleeing the war. It has been in rebel hands for several months. (S.C.)

    [jihad sharia for worldwide caliphate]04/24/2013 SYRIA. Mystery shrouds alleged release of two Orthodox bishops: Greek-Melkite Archbishop of Aleppo: Jean Clement Jeanbart, denies reports of the release of Msgr. Ibrahim and Msgr. Boulos al-Yaziji. The two were being held prisoners until last night. Aleppo (AsiaNews) - "Archbishop Ibrahim and Metropolitan: Boulos al-Yaziji until last night were still in the hands of their kidnappers. Reports: of their release yesterday afternoon were false." Pope praying: for the release of Mgrs Ibrahim and Boulos al-Yaziji. Speaking to AsiaNews, Archbishop Jeanbart calls: on the West to ends its "indifference". All Catholic bishops in Aleppo are "saddened and concerned" about the kidnapping of the two Syriac Orthodox and Greek Orthodox prelates. Kidnappers are thought to be foreign fighters. Even the Orthodox Patriarchate in Moscow shares the pain of Syria's Churches.

  • 666 Dragons: ready to act if necessary, but we can not create growth. June 26, 2013 Mario Draghi (AFP). The European Central Bank "has been very active in responding, the crisis (you were the cuase of the crisis). We defended with force, the stability of our monetary union (and you did commit suicide many entrepreneurs) and, consequently, of our currency (it is the lie of Satan: 666 322 NWO) "and" we are ready to act again if necessary '(the vampire does not want to abandon the socket). - ANSWER - are all the lies of the devil .. and these lies? make inevitable, world war .. never existed, one our currency (it is the lie of Satan, NWO 666 322) are all money: of that satanic Rothschild: the thief tormentor, cursed Pharisee and his satanic Talmud: to exterminate the goyim (animals in human form) .. I claim: 1. Palestine, and, 2. the IMF (International Monetary Fund), in fact, I am the King of Israel, I am Unius REI ..
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    Draghi: pronti ad agire se necessario, ma non possiamo creare crescita. 26 giugno 2013 Mario Draghi (Afp). La Banca centrale europea «é stata molto attiva nel rispondere alla crisi. Abbiamo difeso con forza la stabilità della nostra unione monetaria e, di conseguenza, della nostra moneta (è la menzogna di satana: 666 NWO 322)» e «siamo pronti ad agire di nuovo se necessario». -- ANSWER -- sono tutte le bugie del diavolo.. e queste bugie? renderanno inevitabile, la guerra mondiale.. non è mai esistita, una nostra moneta (è la menzogna di satana: 666 NWO 322) sono tutti soldi: di quel satanico Rothschild: il ladro aguzzino, fariseo maledetto e del suo satanico talmud: per sterminare i goyim(animali dalla forma umana).. io pretendo: 1. la Palestina, e, 2. il FMI (fondo monetario internazionale), infatti, io sono il Re di Israele, io sono Unius REI..
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    @ 666 IMF Pharisees, and his satanic ISRAEL, which must be sacrificed to complete the New World Order: 322 NWO - --- [demo-pluto-Judeo-Masonic] --- you're biased, you're an imperialistic project Masonic (banking seigniorage: IMF 666 NWO 322) occult power satanic (new Babylon: Tower), for the extermination of all peoples! if the peoples: were did not fall in total despair and anarchy (just as it is today), they would never raised totalitarian regimes .. That's why, only you are responsible for the Holocaust, only you are: your: own curse .. Pharisees, the fact of having the electronic control of the "big brother", and the largest social engineering Bildenberg Masonic occult system of control: that is, the science of Kabbalah: to stifle the nations until they are destroyed? this is not a reason for you: be quiet! I am the king of Israel, and I claim: what is mine! I demand immediately, the whole of Palestine and the entire IMF.
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    187AUDIOHOSTEM criminal Bush Kerry 322, IMF 666 NWO. - because it is never possible to do a dialogue on the concepts and motivations: of no argument: with you? because, you do not ever try to defend the reasons: Satanism, against me? @ 666 lizad burn now.--- I can understand the repute the lizards have a forked tongue, and fail, to speak well, However, if you had a little dignity? you could at least try to defend your Satan, That is failed, ill and fell into hell to burn, against me! I can understand the fact that the lizards have a forked tongue, and fail, to speak well, however, if you had a little dignity? you could at least try to defend your Satan failed, and fell ill in hell, against me! @ 666 - why should I be concerned, your shit? It's all lies!
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    @ CHINA - [demo-pluto-Judeo-Masonic] - China, the IMF has asked that, the banks may be open to the market ... The International Monetary Fund encourages China to reform, its banking system, but Beijing responds to want to decide for itself how to act ... - ANSWER - no! you do not trust of the IMF, the Pharisees are Satanists, which have stifled to death the people (who were forced peoples to choose Nazism and fascism, and communism)! you do not fall into their trap, too, if pharisees: blackmail you, through, World War ... is better, a world war, that, you buy money: from: that bastard of cult 666 Baal owl, at Bohemian Grove, Marduk cannibal, 322, the Rothschild Satanic Pharisee: of the occult and Masonic: JabullOn satanic power, the ruin of civilization-Jewish-Christian .. the occult planner: of: each Shoah: against: his own people, for destroy Israel, today, through the Nazi Islamists.

    [tutte menzogne!] @King Saudi Arabia -- tu sei un demone! --- [La Repubblica ‎- 18 minuti fa]. Siria:sito,liberati i vescovi ortodossi,‎ - 1 giorno fa. ANKARA - I due vescovi ortodossi rapiti: due giorni fa in Siria: sono stati rilasciati. Lo annuncia un comandante dell'Esercito libero (Esl) siriano, affermando: che: i due religiosi, Youhanna Ibrahim e Boulos al-Yaziji, erano stati sequestrati: da "forze fedeli al presidente Bashar Al Assad"(ecco perché: i salafiti, con questa menzogna hanno deciso di ucciderli). Lo riferisce l'agenzia turca Anadolu. La notizia del rilascio dei due vescovi ortodossi per il momento non ha avuto altre conferme. Il vice capo di Stato maggiore dell'Esl, Fatih Hassun, ha detto all'Anadolu che i due vescovi si troverebbero in una chiesa, senza altre precisazioni(lol. forse sono stati già sepolti. lol.).

    @King Saudi Arabia -- tu sei un demone! --- L'agenzia ufficiale Sana riferisce che i terroristi della Jabhat an Nusra, affiliato ad Al Qaeda, tra le più potenti fazioni ribelli che combattono per rovesciare il regime di Bashar Assad, hanno fatto detonare delle cariche esplosive alla base del minareto. L'intero perimetro della Grande Moschea e il minareto erano però in mano ai ribelli della brigata Tawhid, che non fa parte della Jabhat ma dell'Esercito libero siriano (Esl). Circa 27.000 risultati (0,33 secondi) . google: said:" Forse cercavi: liberati vescovi ortodossi, siriani" Risultati di ricerca. Notizie relative a liberati vescovi ortodossi, siria. Siria, insorti: "Liberati vescovi ortodossi. Sequestrati dalle forze di Assad". La Repubblica ‎- 18 minuti fa. L'annuncio del vice capo di Stato maggiore dell'Esercito libero (Esl) siriano, Fatih Hassun, per ora non trova altre conferme. Appello di Papa ...

    [tutte menzogne!] @King Saudi Arabia -- Siria:sito,liberati i vescovi ortodossi‎ - 1 giorno fa. Siria: esercito ribelli, liberati i due vescovi ortodossi La Repubblica‎ - 2 ore fa. Siria: esercito ribelli, liberati i due vescovi ortodossi |